Praise for Here Comes Herodotus, Again!

Wayne Cresser’s Here Comes Herodotus, Again! (and other microhistories) is a pleasure, growing my love of flash fiction after being introduced to the genre years ago.  In these fourteen short pieces, Cresser develops engaging scenes, and the inner thoughts of his characters go in directions unexpected.  Cresser also shows a real knack for sharing the inner lives of his characters, allowing them to develop, warts and all, with resolution and reflection coming in captivating ways.  And the voice here reads personal and warm, the humor and perspective in this collection refreshing. “Berries” and “New Skin” are both stunning, with a favorite like “Story Board” bringing it home nicely. There’s also a flexibility to the form as well, with “Present” boasting a prose-poem like presence to it.  At the end of the day, Here Comes Herodotus, Again will remind readers why the pithy concision of this genre is here to stay, well-nurtured by the careful words crafted by a dedicated writer like Wayne Cresser.

Fred Shaw

Fred Shaw is a Pittsburgh-based poet, teacher, and book reviewer and Poetry editor for Pittsburgh Quarterly. He has authored two collections of poetry: Scraping Away (CavanKerry Press) and Argot (Finishing Line Press).

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