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Wayne Cresser lives on an island in Narragansett Bay with his wife and dog. His work has appeared in eight print anthologies, most recently Spank the Carp Anthology 2020, online at Gravel, Shark Reef Literary Magazine, Jerry Jazz Musician and Story and in such print journals as The Ocean State Review and SLAB.

He was co-creator and managing editor of shaking like a mountain (later Shaking) from 2007-2011 and a contributing editor at the Ocean State Review from 2014-2017. |  More about Wayne

Here comes the Pitch!

Content is free; forage the site. Take all roads in. Be my guest.

And try to remember, Just Between You and Me is not only about my work, but also it is about artists and events associated with this place, the vibrant literary community of Southern Rhode Island. Although I try to do as little labor as possible here, labor I must and labor I do.

So. if you would consider helping to keep this literary confidence alive by making a donation, your magnanimity would be greatly appreciated.

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Poetry, Flash fiction, Short Stories by Wayne Cresser along with news of artists and literary events associated with the vibrant literary landscape of Southern Rhode Island.


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