This is my final appeal (promise) unless…

From "The Night It All Got Going": I’m thinking, “That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” but before I can open my mouth, she’s pointing at the window on my side of the bed. Light from the moon spills over the sill and bounces onto the adjacent wall in overwrought shadows. I shudder. She’s turned pale.

New Digs for the Rhodeo Poets

We're rounding up the Rhodeo Poets this Thursday. If you're on the island of Jamestown, between 6 and 8 pm, we'd love to see you at General's Crossing Brewery, 34 Narragansett Avenue. Shannon Kennelly and I will host.

Withnail and I: La Fin D’une E’poque

Grant’s Withnail, a combination of old boy pomp, contempo degeneracy, and stagey narcissism, lies, bamboozles, mooches, saturates himself in whiskey, pints and wine, and manages to stay at once angry and self-pitying throughout. He is a miracle. He carries on, rages ahead, all the while increasing his best friend’s anxiety while Marwood (Paul McGann) tries desperately to hang onto some semblance of reality. The walls are closing in and Withnail can’t get an audition. Marwood seems on the verge of another one and this frustrates “With”....

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