Another Opening, Another Show!

by Wayne Cresser

Tonight I’ll be debuting a new radio program called Picture This: Film Music on the Radio, on WRIU, 90.3 FM Kingston, RI, and streaming on the World Wide Web at

The show will feature a mix of original scores and songs written for the movies and to a lesser degree, but still very much in there. television.

Tonight’s theme is the Western, that hallowed, long past its heyday but not totally bygone (if I have anything to do with it), genre of Hollywood storytelling.

I cannot tell you why you should listen in, or pitch it any better than Cowboy poet, Badger Scott, who’s certainly caught on to the “stuff that dreams are made of” in this verse from his poem, “Roundup Lullaby:”

Mostly it’s a moonlight world our trail winds through.
     Kain’t see much beyond our saddle horns.
Always far away is misty silver-blue;
     Always underfoot it’s rocks and thorns.

Here’s to going for that “moonlight world” and “misty, silver-blue”, then. The show airs from 9-10 PM.

See you on the radio, pards.

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