You might enjoy giving!

Content is free; forage the site. Take all roads in. Be my guest. And try to remember, Just Between You and Me is not only about my work, but also it is about artists and events associated with this place, the vibrant literary community of Southern Rhode Island. Although I try to do as little... Continue Reading →

He returns!!

  Number one, I wanted you to know that you'll find connections to new pieces listed elsewhere on the site (under Story Links). The second purpose of jumping on a blog here is to say hello again. It's been a while. Have I been woodshedding? Trying on new plots, characters, themes. There is new work,... Continue Reading →

Cover Letter

(Originally published by The Journal of Microliterature) Norman White 22 Sparrow Lane Providence, RI 02903 May 1, 2014 Sally Amen Director of Advancement Handel University 84 Erie Avenue Passaic, New Jersey 07055 Dear Selection Committee, I know it’s an unconventional opening gambit, but I’d like to start by asking you a question. How is this... Continue Reading →

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