The Don Rickles Show

It’s a treat when he turns up on Leno or Letterman, even if his mind is peripatetic and the put-downs lack those surreal associations and references that would reduce even a seasoned straight man like Johnny Carson to tears of laughter. Absent too is the rarefied foolishness that would break out when Rickles would interrupt one of his host’s sketches.

Withnail and I: La Fin D’une E’poque

Grant’s Withnail, a combination of old boy pomp, contempo degeneracy, and stagey narcissism, lies, bamboozles, mooches, saturates himself in whiskey, pints and wine, and manages to stay at once angry and self-pitying throughout. He is a miracle. He carries on, rages ahead, all the while increasing his best friend’s anxiety while Marwood (Paul McGann) tries desperately to hang onto some semblance of reality. The walls are closing in and Withnail can’t get an audition. Marwood seems on the verge of another one and this frustrates “With”....


Lyrically, Bill Nelson’s songwriting seemed to ascribe more to the ethos of another underrated band of the era, Blue Oyster Cult, and their code language of flames and futurism, than any other contemporaries. And even these similarities are more subtle than striking.

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