Consider This!

It’s my hope, of course, that readers who check into this site have enjoyed 2021’s musings, the blasts from PopKrazy, story posts from the archives and links to newly published work. Believe me, you are appreciated.

And I’m pleased to report that my chapbook, Here Comes Herodotus, Again! (and other microhistories), published in the Open: Journal of Arts & Letters 2021 Chapbook series, is still available here at Just Between You and Me ( a literary confidence), for $10 per, including shipping:

It’s available now too at the following booksellers:

In Rhode Island

Curiosity and Co.-Jamestown
Island Books-Middletown

Wakefield Books-Wakefield

Barrington Books-Barrington

Available also at General’s Crossing Brewery in Jamestown

Coming soon to Inkfish Books-Warren and other locations in and around the Ocean State.

Watch! this site also for announcements regarding live readings and book-signings.

Consider too, making a small donation to help keep this thing going for another year. You can do that by using the same link as above.

Thanks to readers who have purchased the chapbook. Some of you are not shy and have reached out with comments. I thank you heartily. Bring them on!

Happy Holidays and Be Well in the coming year!

One thought on “Consider This!

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  1. Hey Wayno,

    Awesome news here and quite a list of respectable places carrying your book. Good on you!

    We’re back from the wilds of Antarctica w/ many stories to tell, and very relieved to be safely home given all the new outbreaks. Such a mess, no? I truly feel for Grace and hope she hasn’t too many worries during what should be only an exciting hopeful time for those 2, soon to be 3! PLEASE be sure to keep us posted.

    xo Shirl


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