Something in the Air: a poet speaks of the first stirrings of Spring

Full Quiver

—by Jay Primiano

Time again, 

to write of birds and soil

backyard returning fauna,

rains that fill basements

winds that test trees

as March’s moist cold 

mines for angst

among the joints of pained knees.  

Time again,

to collect cloistered words

recycle, reuse, reject

long suffering spring phrases

seek a shot of poetry B-12

sift through dusty white paper hell

and rummage through a sale of words.  

Time again,

to recognize change through tumult

flee winter’s cold hold

twist, turn, head-spin, somersault,

then smash winter’s frozen face

with a ball peen hammer.  

Time again,

to listen for first tree frogs

that precede patient cicadas

and noisy crickets calling.

Re-tune your born-again easter ears

and sacrifice the lamb of complacency. 

Time again,

to feel sun’s new angle

find sharper shadows

open clearly defined lines of light

fuel and boost poetry’s thirsty tank

walk green busting paths at river’s bank

hold witness to newborn waxy leaves

as forests renew, reclaim, redeem.

Time again,

to shed old cold regret

sign the ledger of a hard day’s sweat

taste a certain grace in pain 

observe natural hues and pollen’s stain

windblown treacherous time again,

when only poets with a full quivers reign.   


Mr. Primiano has been writing poetry for decades. He is an author of “Young Adult” literature and co-authored the New York Times acclaimed novel, Swim That Rock (Candlewick 2014). He is the co-founder of the “The Rhodeo Poets,” based in Jamestown, RI, and has presented his work with such poets and writers as Lisa Starr, Peter Covino and James Geary. His poetry has appeared in newspapers and magazines. His poem entitled, “A Hall of Heralded Mutilated Heads,” was included in the Rhode Island Bards Anthology 2022, and his poem, “California’s Burning,” will appear in the 2023 Notable Works Anthology in June. He was mentored by poet and fiction writer Maria Flook. Mr. Primiano is a member of the “What Cheer” writers club.

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